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All set to start the newly attained contract. The planning begins and the vendors, venue owners, contractual staff, lighting and music teams and other crew members are all now been hired to work with. Making an event a great success is not easy unless the team is skilled and organised in their own fields.

Once they are handpicked based on the experiences and their creativity skill, next important issue is to allocate them the tasks appropriately to avoid any last minute confusions and overlapping of jobs. It’s important for them to be teamed up with the assigned group. This is managed skilfully through task management methods that may require certain important things to be kept in mind as:

1. Providing extra help to the teams – .Generally extra workers are needed to manage the pressure of the event. It could be in any field – at the food counter, at the stage, with music artists or at the back end. Your planned selections for these extra staff according to their familiarity with the jobs would not only be a blessing in disguise but would also give moral support to the team members for whom their help is provided. This rigorous selection process would avoid last moment stress for the teams. You have to be very careful while selecting them as it can create hard time for the particular team.

2. Assigned Duties: There is team of many members in managing the event, so keeping a track of each is very important. The tracking system for knowing what each member is supposed to do and how they are performing would help in knowing their performances. This system can be maintained in diary or through mobile apps. Each member must be well versed with the task they are deputed and also they should provide latest updates about the progress of their work.

3.  Diligent instruction and reporting system: A strong system between you and the entire team keeps everything at bay. Its significant to deliver the right instructions to the team. They should be well versed about their duties. The date of deliveries must be specific. Those team members who are delegated the duties of final deliveries must be smart enough to follow up and get the things done on time. In all the cases, on-time or not, you must be a part of the loop. Diligent reporting system ensures smooth functioning and successful delivery of the event.

Right from the selection of teams and the other co-workers to deputation of duties, to monitoring them to final delivery of the event, it’s crucial job to manage everything efficiently. To keep yourself organised with team members you must have a professional “event management system”. Corporate Connect has successfully worked in various countries and is very well known Thailand event management company. They follow professional event management system that to keep a track of team’s performance. These system solutions are highly optimized and can be used across the globe. Events that are happening in Thailand and tasks that are allocated elsewhere can be easily monitored no matter where you are, hence saving lot of time and keeping a record of every bit of the work done.
To give a beautiful experience to your client your back-end must be strong, that is your team must be properly selected and organized. Rightly managed Event Management System, delivers success.